As a young teenager I used to pay my sister to pose for me - and fell in love with the process of capturing emotion, and creating images that you could *feel*. This passion has only grown since those days. I adore it when wedding clients book a maternity or newborn session because their family is expanding or when a business reaches out with desires for unique branding images. 

Exploring the intricacies of personal, family and business growth through portraiture.

Mothers deserve to be celebrated every day for all they do. The dedication and love that goes into growing a baby is so beautiful, and I believe every expecting mama should have photos to look back on of their pregnancy.


I have two maternity session offerings. “Just the Bump” sessions include a 45 minute shoot at a location of your choice. For expecting mothers who are interested in documenting both the bump and their newborn baby, my “Bump to Baby” package is a perfect fit. This offering includes a “Just the Bump” session during pregnancy and in-home newborn photos within 8 weeks of baby’s arrival. 


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These hour-long sessions are so special because they always take place in your home, where baby is most comfortable and used to the temperature and smells of their safe place with their favourite people (you). 


I recommend booking your in-home newborn session before baby arrives to ensure our session can happen within that sweet, squishy 8-week newborn timeframe. This period with your little one goes by so quickly, and I love helping parents capture the tiny human they’ve brought into the world. These sessions are a beautiful way to honour those hazy days of new parenthood and family changes.

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These sessions are completely customized to your brand’s needs and your plans for the content. Whether you’re looking for images for a website, social media content, advertising campaign, or just updated headshots of your growing team - I will work with you to uncover your brand’s photography needs.


Branding photos are an incredible way to tell the story of your business, your team, or a new product/service you’re excited about. I recommend every business that has an online presence invest in branding photos on a yearly basis to keep their content fresh and up to date. Scroll down to the FAQs to see my tips on preparing for your branding session.

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Have an idea for a portrait shoot that doesn’t fall into the above categories? Let’s get creative.

If you’ve got a cool concept that you’d like help executing, or are in need of a session type that you haven’t seen on my website - don’t hesitate to reach out. I love exploring as an artist: it’s so fun to collaborate with clients who know we’ll make magic together. 

To get the ball rolling and for the most accurate quote, please fill out an inquiry form with as much detail as you can offer me. If I’m not a good fit for your idea, I’m always happy to connect you with a trusted photographer friend who would be.

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How do you approach clients who are camera shy?

I think the majority of people feel a little camera shy now and then: it’s a completely reasonable reaction to being in front of the camera. Thankfully, I’m a pro at helping folks come out of their shell, will always prioritize your comfort - and offer gentle and encouraging guidance throughout our sessions. You’ll never be faced with the words “say cheese” working with me. My shooting style involves natural movement (with real memory-making activity), and posing direction if you need it. 

What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate for an outdoor shoot?

Sometimes bad weather happens. I organize my schedule accordingly to accommodate some Atlantic Canadian rainy days here and there. If there is flexibility in your date, we will pick another one! Your retainer will be transferred to the new date and there is no re-booking fee. If you don’t have flexibility with your dates - we’ll embrace the rain with umbrellas in tow or switch our plans to be “indoor”. 

 I’m planning a branding session: how should I prepare?

Do some thinking about how you want to utilize your photos: are you needing them for social media or your website? Will you be printing them for signage? Are you being featured by a publication? This can help you decide on the “story” you want to tell with your photos.

Make sure your team knows that a branding session is happening (and when) so everyone can plan accordingly. Nobody wants to show up on photo day with bed head or a sloppy outfit! Prioritize your brand colours whenever possible in your clothing choices and indoor spaces. If you are a service or product based business, hire models so we can showcase your service being delivered and/or your products in “real life” scenarios. If you need props to make that happen, prepare those in advance of our shoot. Make sure your space is clean, tidy and exactly how you’d want it to presented to potential clients. If you are an online-only business - rent a studio space or home rental that fits the vibe you’re looking for. 

I am trying to ensure my child’s photos don’t end up online. Is this okay?

I totally understand and respect this decision. I will always ask you for consent before sharing photos of you or your child online. You can absolutely request that your gallery is kept private and not utilized in my portfolio, or on social media. 

How far in advance should I book a newborn session? What if baby comes early?

Your session date can always be moved if your little one decides they’d like to meet you sooner rather than later. I like to plan in-home newborn sessions at least three weeks after your due date just to be sure baby will be present for the shoot. This also allows you the chance to get into a groove together before inviting me into your home for photos. That said, newborn sessions can be done anywhere between 0-8 weeks after birth.