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My blog is an online space where I post recaps of my adventures, suggestions for your next getaway in the Maritimes, sneak peeks of my most recent sessions, and random thoughts I think are worth sharing.

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About Me – Your New Favourite Photographer & Internet Friend

Feb 26, 2022


I hate filling my car up with gas, love birthday cake Dunkaroos, kick-butt at karaoke, and happen to have a life-long passion for traveling and capturing everything on my camera, all in the name of love. Oh, and I happen to be a pretty badass wedding dancer. (Just in case you need some help getting your party people on the dance floor…)

Talking About Domestic Violence: Breaking the Silence

Feb 26, 2022


This week on my podcast, I chat with a good friend, Aneleyse about her experiences with domestic violence and sexual assault and she invited me to share my own. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to start talking about domestic violence, and how it has affected my life.

Why I Stopped Saying No To Myself

Feb 25, 2022


This year I decided that I was going to stop saying no to myself. It sounds crazy, but seriously! Picture it. Imagine if you stopped telling yourself “no – you can’t make that happen”. Imagine a life where you always said yes to yourself, and you only accepted the word “no” from someone other than you.

Sharlie Faye lays on the floor of a boho apartment and holds her camera close to her face.

A Winter Elopement in Banff, Canada

Feb 25, 2022


In February of 2020, I was driving up Mount Norquay when I got a message from Sophie telling me that she wanted to book me for an elopement in the famous Canadian mountain town, Banff.

A bride and groom kiss in front of a glacier lake, without the mountains of Banff, Canada behind them.